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        1. Where To Buy

          PartnerPRO? Network

          PartnerPRO Network is CommScope's exclusive global network of experts who know our solutions as well as we do — and share our commitment to supporting your network. Our consultants, integrators, installers, distributors and industry alliances deliver the consistent global expertise you've come to expect from CommScope?.

          PartnerPRO Network Locator


          Need pricing information or product availability? Use this locator to find an authorized Distributor of CommScope solutions in your area.

          Distributor Locator

          MTDC Alliance Partners

          Use this locator to learn more about CommScope’s MTDC partners & available sites in your area.

          MTDC Locator

          Global Sales Organization

          Our Global Sales Organization is uniquely positioned to succeed throughout the world with support from our manufacturing plants lon five continents, local offices, R&D facilities and executive briefing centers that provide best-in-class support and expertise.

          Sales Locator

          Contact Us

          If you want to contact us by completing our request form, we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

          Request Form

          CommScope is one of the world's premier network infrastructure providers. We enable and empower many of the top-performing networks in existence today.

          We serve customers:

          In more than 100 countries
          With more than 11,000 employees
          Across wireless, enterprise and broadband markets
          Our size, reach, supply chain, operational precision, and responsive personnel power our advances into new forms of communication.

          Big data. Big opportunities.
          Today, we are one of the world's leading suppliers of broadband solutions. Our portfolio of radio frequency (RF) and optical network products meets the growing needs of communications service providers around the globe.

          Enterprise solutions for enterprising businesses
          While the specific application is unique, enterprise customers share common expectations: better performance and reliability, greater simplicity, and a migration path they can take confidence in. We build these priorities into each solution we design, offering several important advantages to help you succeed.

          The clear choice for wireless networks
          We have a portfolio of communications solutions and services today's high-performance wireless networks. Our distributed coverage and capacity, outdoor macro cell site, small cell and backhaul capabilities deliver the end-to-end solutions operators need and help position networks for sustained, long-term success.